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The Boccia Brothers’ grandfather worked on commercial and municipal projects dating back to the 1920s. Many of which have since become historical landmarks. Similarly, their father was a master bricklayer in the 1950s and pioneered many of the waterproofing systems that are still in use today. This is the foundation and root of Boccia Inc. – the most widely-respected façade restoration and brick waterproofing company in the region.

Having completed thousands of projects over the decades, including many schools, hospitals, churches and more, Boccia Inc. has reliably resolved the most difficult waterproofing conditions.

Brick Waterproofing Services

Boccia’s many different professional brick waterproofing services include:

  • Brick pointing
  • Brick replacement
  • Parapet wall reconstruction
  • Steel lintel replacement
  • Flashing and weep hole installation
  • Waterproof coating application

We Identify Deficient Façade Conditions

The staff at Boccia Inc. has the expertise to identify deficient façade conditions and provide cost-effective solutions. Boccia’s unique waterproofing and façade restoration systems distinguish them as experts in the industry. In an office with over 300 years of accumulated experience, Boccia Inc.offers a wealth of knowledge that will facilitate any project. from planning to completion.

We Are Licensed Scaffold Riggers

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