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Basement Emergency Egress Windows

Let Boccia Inc. transform your basement by letting natural light and air into your living space and most importantly, protect your family with code compliant emergency egress windows and rescue openings.

As required by building code, installing an emergency egress window will provide a second means of exit from the basement in the event of a fire or emergency.

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Established in 1955, Boccia Inc. leads the way in providing emergency escape windows in basements. Constructed from galvanized steel, our egress well and frame system outperforms other plastic molded systems for strength and durability.

Boccia Inc. is an authorized distributor and installer of egress windows and have installed emergency egress windows throughout Long Island and Queens dating back to the last century.

Building Code requires Emergency Egress in finished basements

Building Code mandates “basements with habitable space and every sleeping room shall have at least one openable emergency escape and rescue window.” Make your basement code compliant for this very important home safety feature and have Boccia Inc. install code compliant Emergency Escape windows in your basement. Our engineers can provide drawings if required.

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Basement Emergency Escape Windows

Convention basement windows are small and will simply not allow a person to escape a basement in the event of a fire or emergency. Installing a large emergency escape window is an expense you can’t afford to live without. You simply never know when a secondary means of basement egress is needed.

Homeowners are often forced to install emergency escape windows in their basement in order to comply with building code and sell their home. This creates unnecessary anxiety. For peace of mind, call Boccia Inc. at 516-747-7727 or email them at [email protected] and speak with their trained professional installers.

Boccia Inc. Emergency Escape Windows
Features as required by building code:

Custom window well installations are available upon request. 
Stamped and signed construction drawings for permits are available upon request.

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