Waterproofing Specialists Serving Queens, Nassau
    and Western Suffolk Counties Since 1955

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Basement Waterproofing Specialists Serving Long Island, Queens, Nassau and Western Suffolk Counties

Boccia Inc. ® has been providing waterproofing and masonry restoration services since 1955. Having completed thousands upon thousands of projects, the experts at Boccia Inc. have garnered a wealth of knowledge and experience that has been relied upon to waterproof basements, homes and buildings all across Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, and the Boroughs of New York City.

Boccia Inc. has earned a reputation amongst engineers and architects as being the region’s top authority in basement waterproofing and brick and stucco façade waterproofing. From water leaks to leaking brick walls and stucco walls, the professionals at Boccia Inc. can properly diagnose the defective building conditions (i.e. foundation cracks, leaks, brick cracks, rusted lintels, etc.) and recommend creative and cost-effective solutions.

Crawl Space and Basement Waterproofing – Our experts will diagnose and design a waterproofing solution to properly waterproof your leaking basement. Depending on the leak, we will excavate the outside and waterproof the foundation wall or install a sub-floor drainage system with a high-performance sump pump – sometimes referred to as a French drainage system. We can also install a drainage system and/or vapor barrier in your crawl space to make it more environmentally friendly. If you have a wet basement in Queens or Long Island, or a chronically flooded basement in Naussau or Suffolk county, we can find a solution.

Foundation Waterproofing– Are your basement walls cracked? In addition to waterproofing your foundation – our team of engineers will design the appropriate structural repairs to your foundation wall. This includes carbon fiber-reinforcement, underpinning or rebuilding the foundation as needed.

Brick Walls – We will replace rusted lintels that create cracks in the brickwork that lead to leaks. We will repoint the wall as needed, install the appropriate flashing to allow water to weep out of the wall and apply masonry water repellents.

Stucco Walls – Are your stucco walls cracked and leaking? We will repair and waterproof your stucco or EIFS wall according to manufacturer’s standards. We repair stucco wall cracks and apply waterproof coatings to stucco walls.

Parking Garages and Balconies – We restore and waterproof parking garages and balconies using the best waterproof materials available and can restore, reinforce or rebuild any structural defect.

When it’s built with brick, block, stone, stucco or concrete, call the professionals at Boccia Inc. for all your basement waterproofing or building waterproofing and masonry restoration needs.


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