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Notable Projects

Notable Projects

Jones Beach Tower
Hovering over the iconic Jones Beach State Park is a water tower encased in decorative masonry packed with architectural embellishments. It has become the historical focal point of Long Island scenery. It also has been subject to the most brutal weather conditions because of its location, leading to its severe deterioration. When New York State needed to perform repairs, their engineers reached out to Boccia to survey the structure and recommend restoration procedures. Collectively, the team at Boccia has well over 300 years of accumulated experience in masonry restoration and have the expertise that was required to evaluate the Jones Beach Tower. They identified the extent of repairs necessary and prepared a scope of work.
Cathedral of the Incarnation
Situated in the heart of the Village of Garden City, one of the nation’s most desirable communities, The Cathedral of the Incarnation is an architectural gem. It is the seat of the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island and was built as a tribute to Alexander Stewart, the founder of the Village. Modeled after and rivaling the great cathedrals of Europe, its architectural splendor is magnificent. When accessibility rules required modifications to be made so everyone could enjoy it, they retained the experts at Boccia. Knowing Boccia has the unique advantage of generations of expertise to draw upon, The Diocese was confident their work would conform and compliment the original design and construction of a new entrance ramp.
Executive Towers at Lido

Providing the most spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean is the Executive Towers at Lido, a premier high-rise luxury apartment building. It offers all the amenities that the most discerning person may desire along with being at the doorstep of the fine sands of the most desirable beach on Long Island. Unfortunately, this attribute is also its drawback because the salt laden moisture air wreaks havoc on the building’s metal components. This was the case with the balconies around the Executive Towers at Lido. After being subjected to harsh seaside conditions, the steel supporting the balconies corroded to a point where they no longer provided the structural support they were designed for. Boccia came to the rescue and methodically dismantled the balcony concrete encasement so the steel could be replaced. Their team performed complicated procedures and used innovative methods to restore the balconies suspended from the sides of the building, bringing them back to safe and sound conditions so they can be enjoyed for future years.

Long Island State Veterans Home

Caring for America’s heroes and serving those who served through skilled nursing care, adult day health care and short-term rehabilitation, the Long Island State Veterans Home plays an imperative role. That is why keeping it dry was equally important. When it was found to be leaking, the administrators called upon the experts at Boccia to diagnose the situation. Boccia performed probes of the vulnerable locations, identified deficiencies and designed a scope of work to correct the defects. They were then charged with the task of implementing the work. They disassembled the masonry and installed unique flashing details of their own design which could be installed with minimal disruption to the inhabitants. Upon completion, it would be hard to identify where the work was performed. The building was made dry by the specialists at Boccia so it could continue in its purpose of giving back to so many who have given so much.

NYU Langone Hospital
NYU Langone Hospital Long Island is a 591 bed medical center located in Mineola, NY. They offer care in nearly every specialty and subspecialty of medicine and surgery and are recognized leaders in treatment for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. It is certainly considered of utmost importance for its life saving services. But, it can’t do its job if the facilities and grounds are falling apart. That is why Boccia has been an essential vendor for its facilities’ engineers for decades. Whether it is a leak over the prenatal care center or a parking structure succumbing to years of use, abuse and weathering, Boccia has been the company providing the hospital with its repair and maintenance needs so it can stay up and running. The team at Boccia is counted on to evaluate the condition, specify what is required and perform the work efficiently and effectively. This way the team at NYU Langone can do the work that their best at, saving lives.
United States Merchant Marine Academy

The United States Merchant Marine Academy is a federal service academy that educates leaders of exemplary character who are committed to serve the national security, marine transportation, and economic needs of the United States as licensed Merchant Marine Officers and commissioned officers in the Armed Forces. It is located on the waterfront of the North Shore of Long Island, also known as The Gold Coast. In the 1970’s, the engineers charged with maintaining the facilities were inundated with ground water in numerous buildings, some of which had historical significance of their own. In stepped Mr. Boccia, who had an innate natural aptitude and understanding of natural occurrences and how they relate to structures. He designed and installed systems to dewater the ground under and around the buildings that are still working to this day and most importantly, keeping them dry.

Forest Hills Gardens

Forest Hills Gardens is one of America’s oldest planned communities. It was modeled after England’s Garden Cities and intended to create an ideal environment that incorporated shared green space with urban convenience. At the heart of the village is Station Square, designed in 1907 by renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. It is an architecturally stunning entranceway to one of the most idyllic communities in New York. After over a century of use it required restoration and Boccia was the perfect choice for the job. They had been on the short list of approved contractors in the Village since the 1970s and they descended from family that worked on the iconic Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in the 1950s. Their team meticulously restored the masonry elements of Station Square to its original grandeur for new generations to enjoy.

Cur of Ars Church
Dedicated to its parishioners in 1932, Cur of Ars Church has seen thousands of Baptisms, Communions, Confirmations and Weddings over the years and has been a place to celebrate, heal and pray. Over time, the brick and mortar that housed these many holy events was subject to wind, rain, snow and sun, which took their toll on the façade. Once degradation starts, it is only a matter of time that the building envelope is breached by the elements. The current congregants were not going to let that happen on their watch and hired Boccia to perform a complete restoration of the Church from the ground to the parapet. Restoring and sealing all of the masonry elements so many more years of many blessed events could take place.
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