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Basements on Long Island are typically built with cementitious materials such as cast in place concrete and block and sometimes even brick. All professionals agree that it is the nature of these materials to crack for many reasons and it is hard to avoid, especially in our New York climate. Normally a crack in a foundation wall is not considered a defect and is no more than a blemish in most cases. The most common problem associated with foundation wall cracks is water penetration. These cracks create openings into the basement that water could pass through. A foundation wall leak can accumulate significantly, creating a basement flood that can ruin interior finishings and furnishings and lead to mold growth.

Foundation Wall Waterproofing From Boccia

Boccia Inc. provides exterior foundation wall waterproofing systems that are unparalleled in the industry. They will excavate the exterior side of a foundation to its footing to expose the outside of the wall. Then they clean and prepare the exterior side of the crack providing a sound substrate. They trowel apply a specifically formulated asphaltic mastic onto the prepared foundation wall and install a saturated reinforcing mesh. Another coat of asphaltic mastic is then troweled on to fully imbed the reinforcing mesh and add to the thickness of the system. A heavy gauge 60 ml thick scrim reinforced vinyl protection barrier is installed with a termination bar to isolate the waterproofing membrane from the backfilled materials.

Boccia Inc. has been waterproofing foundation walls since 1955 and has completed thousands of systems since. Subjected to the worst conditions and storms that have come and gone on Long Island, New York, these systems have passed the most rigorous test of time. Their membranes remain pliable to bridge cracks and defects in foundation walls and are impenetrable to water intrusion.