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French Drainage Systems (Subfloor)

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French Drainage System Installations

French drainage systems relieve hydrostatic pressure and prevent water from getting into your basement


In Nassau, Suffolk and Queens, a basement or crawl space is installed in the ground where water is usually present in the soil. As it rains, gravity pulls the water flow downward into the ground. In other words, when this water comes in contact with water already in the ground, it will accumulate and start to rise in the ground, creating a saturated hydrostatic water pressure condition. This condition submerses a basement or crawl space in water. This always leads to higher humidity in basements but also frequently creates water leaks in basements and crawl spaces. However, to prevent this, we must release that pressure with a French drainage system.

French Drainage Systems Redirect Groundwater

Similar to a French drainage system, the patented Boccia Inc. Hollow Kick Molding French drainage system removes the water at an elevation below the bottom of the basement floor. To clarify, dewatering the soils below the basement eliminates the hydrostatic pressure around the basement.

Firstly, we install a filtered perforated pipe in a deep trench adjacent to the interior side of the footing and back-filled in an aggregate to create a drainage envelope. Then, we install a patented Hollow Kick Molding against the interior side of the foundation wall, producing an aesthetically pleasing cove plate molding. Meanwhile, our team puts a vinyl vapor barrier over the French drainage system and the portion of the concrete floor is restored. The drainage pipe conveys the water to an automatic submersible sump pump which pumps the water that was originally below the basement floor out of the house to a suitable location.

Hollow Kick Molding French Drainage System

The Boccia Inc. patented Hollow Kick Molding French drainage system has eliminated flooded basements across the nation for many decades. Above all, this uniquely designed filtered system prevents clogging and lasts the life of the structure. In conclusion, ground water is removed from below the floor with a French drainage system, resulting in a dry basement and crawl space.

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