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Hydorstatic pressure relief systems can prevent water in your basement

In Long Island and Queens, a basement or crawl space is installed in the ground where water is usually present. As it rains, the overwhelming force on water is gravity which persuades the water to flow downward into the ground. There is very little in nature that will influence this water to stop and make a right turn into a basement or crawl space. When this water comes in contact with impermeable barriers or standing water, it will accumulate and start to rise in the ground, creating a saturated ground condition. This condition submerses a basement or crawl space in water, which creates hydrostatic pressures. It is this culmination of conditions that instigates water leaks into a basement or crawl space, and to prevent this we must release that pressure.

But, if there is no water outside the basement and crawl space, there is no water to come into the basement or crawl space. This is the principle of the patented Boccia Inc. Hollow Kick Molding subfloor drainage system that was developed and patented by Boccia in Queens, NY. Similar to a French drain or tile system, the patented Boccia Inc. Hollow Kick Molding sub floor drainage system removes the water at an elevation below the bottom of the basement floor. Dewatering the soils below the basement reduces the potential for it to become submersed and hydrostatic pressure to be created.

A filtered perforated pipe is installed in a deep trench adjacent to the interior side of the footing and back filled in an aggregate drainage envelope. The patented Hollow Kick Molding is installed against the interior side of the foundation wall which protects the floating slab detail with an aesthetically pleasing cove plate molding. A heavy gauge, scrim reinforced vinyl vapor barrier is installed over the drainage and the portion of the concrete floor is restored. The drainage pipe is discharged via a heavy duty professional grade automatic submersible sump pump.

The Boccia Inc. patented Hollow Kick Molding subfloor drainage system has been eliminating thousands of flooded basements across the nation for many decades. It is a uniquely designed filtered system that prevents clogging and lasts the life of the structure with no potential for degradation. Ground water is removed below the floor, resulting in a dry basement and crawl space.