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AC Support Bracket

This revolutionary AC Window Support is installed on the inside in just minutes and is far superior to other AC brackets that are installed outside the building that can rust and become unsafe.

Throughout our cities, thousands of window air-conditioners precariously hang over the heads of millions of people passing by. And every day, they face the potential threat of an improperly braced air-conditioner falling out of a window. However, with the help of the ACe Brace, this fear can finally be put to rest.

Typical Air-Conditioner Support:

A poorly supported window air-conditioner is a danger to people and property.
They may fall when:

• The window that is stabilizing the AC is accidentally opened
• They are held by inadequate or improperly installed supports
• The supports have deteriorated from exposure to the elements
• Someone accidentally pushes against the window air-conditioner

New York City has guidelines requiring its multitudes of window air conditioners to be securely installed regardless of the position of the window. Unfortunately, there is no dependable method to achieve this, up until now. This inspired a group of building façade engineers to team up with manufacturers to devise a new system to support window air-conditioners:

The revolutionary ACe Brace is directly anchored to the interior jambs of the window frame, completely protected from outside conditions. It provides a sturdy mount you can trust to hold the AC unit firmly in place. Its unique design allows the ACe Brace to blend into the face of the AC unit and adapt to almost any air-conditioner and window opening.

The ACe Brace is:

• Strong – Attached to the interior window frame, resistant to weather.
• Secure – Fastened internally so an intruder couldn’t dislodge it from the outside
• Hidden – Not seen on the building’s exterior
• Safe – Cannot be pushed out accidentally by children
• Quick – Easily installed in minutes from indoors
• Adaptable – Applicable to almost any sized air-conditioner and window opening
• Dependable – Guaranteed lasting effectiveness

For peace of mind, choose the ACe Brace for all your window air-conditioner installations!

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