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Commercial Masonry

Boccia Inc. has diagnosed and solved virtually every type of commercial masonry problem related to water intrusion

Facade Waterproofing & Restoration

Working with many facilities managers and engineers for numerous institutions including schools, libraries, universities, hospitals, churches and more.

Stucco Restoration & Coatings Repair

s your building stucco cracking or spalling? These unsightly blemishes not only affect the aesthetic of a building, they also affect the building’s integrity.

Balcony Repair & Waterproofing

Water can lead to costly structural damage of balcony terraces. Any cracks in a balcony’s coating can leave a structure open for wood rot and mold.

Brick, Parapet & Lintel Replacement

The weak link in masonry building construction can often be found holding up the brickwork over window and door openings.

Parking Lot & Plaza Deck Waterproofing

Boccia Inc. is an expert in parking lot and plaza deck waterproofing and restoration.

Commercial Engineering

Our technical skills and knowledge with over thirty years in the construction industry allow us to most efficiently engineer your project.

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