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A home or building is typically constructed over a basement or cellar which would have room to stand in, a slab which is on grade, or a crawlspace, which is what the term implies, just enough room to crawl in. Historically these crawl spaces were only entered by utility personnel who may have to repair plumbing, electrical, heating and ventilation systems. They are usually dirty, dank, inhospitable places that the inhabitants prefer to ignore. Being that they are underground where water is prevalent, they sometimes leak and accumulate water without anybody being aware.

Most people consider water in their crawl space out of sight and out of mind, without realizing the potentially devastating health effects that it can create. Water that is in the crawl space below the house will evaporate, transforming it into water molecules that can easily penetrate the floor boards and proliferate throughout the upper floors of the house. This process is stimulated by the natural stack effect of a structure which pulls the air from the lower levels into the upper levels of the house. In addition to the environmental pollutants that may be carried into the living space, an elevated humidity level will encourage mold spores to proliferate in bedrooms and wherever else people reside.  For all of these reasons, crawl space waterproofing is essential.

Mold has been linked to numerous health effects that can be debilitating in some cases, especially to the very old and very young which. The New York climate on Long Island, especially in Queens, Nassau and Suffolk, exacerbates this condition, making it imperative to correct. Boccia Inc. has the expertise and knowledge to eliminate the potential for water to accumulate in the crawl space. They have unique crawl space de-watering systems that will provide a dry environment in the crawl space, eliminating the potential for the stack effect to transport unhealthy moisture into the house. These systems include drainage, vapor barriers and dehumidifiers which result in a dry, clean crawl space.