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A balcony or terrace is a floor extending beyond the face of the building and is typically considered outside the building envelope. Due to this placement, it is subject to extensive weathering from wind, rain, sleet and snow. They are usually constructed with a combination of concrete and steel which can degrade and corrode over time from this environment. These conditions are exacerbated in coastal areas where salt may be more prevalent accelerating the effects of corrosions.


As the steel and concrete holding up the balcony breaks down, it eventually loses its structural integrity. This could lead to catastrophic failure and a life-threatening condition. Every once in a while, there is an article in the media describing injuries or fatalities resulting from a balcony that came crashing down due to neglecting of a deteriorating condition.


Boccia Inc. has restored and waterproofed hundreds of balconies, establishing an expertise that is unrivaled. They recently completed a multi-year project on a high-rise apartment complex in Long Beach, New York, repairing and replacing all the balcony lines which had become unstable from the effects of the adjacent ocean air. Utilizing the best materials and methods available they can both repair and protect these terraces from our harsh New York climate, which will make them safe and extend the life of the balcony.