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Plaza Deck & Parking Garage Waterproofing Restoration

Is your plaza deck or parking garage showing signs of deterioration or leakage? While minor defects may appear inconspicuous, they can lead to conditions that compromise structural integrity. To solve this issue, property owners turn to plaza deck and parking garage waterproofing.

Garages and Plaza Decks for Nassau, Suffolk and Queens

In some cases, these structures can fail, even collapse, when left untreated. The majority of failures go unseen to the public, minimizing the significance of the issue. However, they can occasionally be devastating and lead to injuries or fatalities. In fact, a parking garage collapsed in the Bronx as recently as 2017.

The Need for Plaza Deck and Parking Garage Waterproofing

The state of New York is currently contemplating regulations that will require parking garage inspections. Presently, it is the owner’s responsibility to obtain the proper specialist to inspect their structure and perform the proper parking garage waterproofing.

After observing and working on countless parking garages and plaza decks, our specialists can inspect these types of structures and provide restoration and parking garage waterproofing solutions.

In many cases, a surface simply needs adequate waterproofing to prevent further deterioration. However, the structural concrete parking garage deck must sometimes be restored or even replaced.

When it comes to water intrusion issues, Boccia Waterproofing knows various construction types, including sandwich slab waterproofing with drainage membranes and urethane parking lot coating systems. Call us for assistance on your plaza deck or parking garage waterproofing.

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