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Sill Plate Waterproofing

Sill Plate Waterproofing

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Sill Plate Waterproofing

The wood sill plate, sometimes referred to as a mud sill, is located at the top of the basement foundation wall. It is where the house construction transitions from concrete to wood framing. By code, this critical junction between the concrete foundation wall and the wood framing should be out of the ground by a minimum of 6 inches. When the sill plate of a house is located close to or below the adjacent grade, it can become saturated with water. As a result, water flows over the foundation wall and floods the basement. That’s when homeowners turn to sill plate waterproofing.

The Need for Sill Plate Waterproofing

Sometimes, contractors will construct a home with the sill plate close to the adjacent grade. Making matters worse, landscapers commonly raise the grounds around a structure with mulch and planting beds. Occasionally, people will also make the horrendous mistake of trying to correct basement leaks by adding soil around their house to create a pitch.

By doing this, they bring the soil closer to the wood sill plate. If the wood structure comes in contact with the soil, rot and termite infestation may develop. At this point, if the bottom of the house is not restored with sill plate waterproofing, structural failure can ensue.

Sill (Or Mud) Plate Waterproofing Solutions

Boccia Inc. has unique, proprietary sill plate waterproofing solutions that will correct this condition and protect your house from the devastating effects of water leaking over the foundation.

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