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Foundation Vapor Barrier

Foundation Vapor Barrier

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Protect your basement by installing a proper foundation wall vapor barrier.

Before finishing your basement, you must consider putting a vapor barrier on the foundation walls. This often neglected feature is critical to successfully finishing the basement because it:

This creates a thermal and vapor break which can drastically improve the basement environment.

Many people choose to paint the basement walls when finishing their basement. This can cause trouble down the road, since the paint on the concrete’s surface will trap moisture within the walls. Ultimately, this can lead to not only peeling paint, but also crumbling of the wall, which is the foundation of your home!

Reduce The Mold Risk With A Foundation Wall Vapor Barrier

The best way to finish a basement is by mechanically installing a vinyl vapor retarder to the wall. It will reduce moisture, from passing through the foundation walls which can lead to mold problems.

More often than not, insulation presses up against a bare foundation wall, leading to mold growth. Our rigid foundation panels will create a physical barrier between the insulation and the damp, cold foundation wall. Foundation wall vapor barriers mechanically fasten to the inside face of the foundation wall.  Any condensation or moisture directs behind the panels to the sub-floor drainage system, keeping the basement dry.

A Clean, White Finish Brightens Up the Basement

The panels are durable and attractive. They brighten the basement and can be left as the wall system.  These panels permanently attach to the foundation. They do not support mold growth and can easily be cleaned.  Additionally, the wall panel serves as a thermal break, creating as much as a 10 degree difference between the concrete wall and the surface of the finished wall panel.

Of course, conventional sheetrock walls can be installed in front of this foundation wall vapor barrier, which can be painted and decorated knowing that proper precautions were taken behind them.

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