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An integral part of a sub floor drainage system, referred to as a French drain system or tile system, is a floating slab detail. A floating slab is created when a basement floor slab does not butt up against the adjacent foundation wall and a space or gap at this juncture remains. This gap serves a number of functions to facilitate the sub floor drainage system and allow it to do its job properly.

In the old days, it was created by installing a temporary form against the interior side of the foundation wall. Once the floor slab was poured and cured, this form was removed and the gap was created. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very attractive and begged the question, did someone run out of cement? In addition, it was prone to clogging when debris was swept into it.

In the early 1980’s, the proprietors at Boccia Inc. who were constantly striving for the best materials and methods, sought to improve this detail for their Nassau, Suffolk and Queens customers. After investing years of product development, they invented, patented and produced the Hollow Kick Molding, patent #1,879,851. This was the first product specifically developed and designed to create the floating slab detail.

The Hollow Kick Molding is a linear through floor drainage molding, installed at the cove area, where the basement floor abuts the interior side of the foundation wall. It directs water through the floor and into the drain tile pipe below, eliminating the possibility of water accumulating on the floor. It conceals and protects the drainage opening with an attractive cove plate molding and is the most effective, affordable method to eliminate wet basements.

After introducing it into their own work, they found great interest from the industry including contractors, remodelers, developers, plumbers and waterproofers throughout the nation. Deciding to keep it proprietary in their local New York market, they started to distribute it everywhere else in the country from Seattle, Washington to Atlanta, Georgia.

Miles of the Hollow Kick Molding have been installed around the country since the 1980’s with great success. Following in Boccia Inc.’s tradition of innovation, and always wanting to be on the cutting edge of the best materials and methods, they have recently introduced the next generation of Hollow Kick Molding with a built-in vapor retarder to reduce pollutants that may permeate the floor cove. This new design will still provide the same drainage characteristics that the industry has come to rely on with the protection of a sealed floor.

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