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Facade Wall Restoration: from Stucco Repair to Coatings Restoration

Stucco facades will eventually crack, spall and blister as a result of the harsh New York climate.  These unsightly blemishes not only affect the aesthetics of a building but they also affect the building’s integrity. Cracks open to moisture can suck in water like a straw, leading to interior wall deterioration.  If left untended, the trapped water in building walls can foster mold growth within the building. The appearance of facade cracks and failures are signs that the structure is in need of professional stucco restoration.

Stucco facades are designated into two systems: cementitious, which is typically multiple layers of cement based materials on lath, and EIFS, which is an expanded insulation finish system utilizing acrylic based materials. Each system possesses its own advantages and disadvantages.

Cementitious systems, usually found on older homes and buildings, provides a rigid façade that is excellent at withstanding harsh environments. It is typically troweled onto a mesh which had been mechanically fastened to a substrate. The multiple layers result in a thick, hard cement protection for the house or building envelope. Unfortunately, its rigidity is also its downfall because it has no ability to move without it cracking.

Expanded insulation finish systems are typically comprised of an insulation board attached to the substrate with a mesh impregnated acrylic based cement layer and acrylic finish coat. These systems offer the ability to create architectural details with ease and provide excellent water repellency. But installation errors have plagued these systems with devastating effects, giving them a bad reputation, and they have a tendency to weather over time.

Cracks, spalls and degradation must be repaired with specially formulated coating systems that will not only protect the structure but also enhance the building’s appearance. Boccia Inc. is particularly experienced in stucco repair, stucco restoration, and EIFS facades. They are qualified in both acrylic and cement stucco restoration. They offer unique and advanced processes of crack repair and restoration of spalling surfaces. Their stucco repair utilizes specifically formulated coating materials to fill cracks and spalls, and the high build acrylic & elastomeric coating systems they use protect the structure & enhance the building’s appearance.