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Brick, Parapet & Lintel Replacement

Brick, Parapet & Lintel Replacement

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Brick, Parapet & Lintel Replacement

Complete Lintel Replacement

The weak link in building construction can often be found holding up the brickwork over window and door openings. Typically, this supporting element is made of steel, which can rust, lose strength and create a hazardous condition. Additionally, the rusting steel expands in size, heaving the masonry around it and destroying the façade. That’s when people turn to Boccia for a complete lintel replacement. Boccia Inc. will never just replace the steel in kind so it can happen again. Every lintel replacement is galvanized and includes a through-wall flashing detail with end dams and a weep system.

Defective Brick Replacement

Cracked brickwork or weathered, eroded joints are common conditions found on masonry structures. Occasionally, this results in loss of water tightness, which leads to water intrusion into the building envelope and accelerated deterioration. The possibility of building pieces falling onto the sidewalks below can create a hazardous condition. Therefore, Boccia Inc. can remove and replace all types of defective masonry, effectively eliminating these conditions.

Parapet Refurbished Or Replaced

Masonry failures won’t always require complete lintel replacement when proper repair techniques are employed. Boccia Inc. has an array of coatings and restoration materials that can be utilized to refurbish all types of damaged or deteriorated masonry building elements. Experienced in many products, their knowledge can be used to develop cost effective procedures for restoring buildings.

Recognized as the area’s pre-eminent experts in masonry, the staff of Boccia Inc. has even evaluated the historical Jones Beach Landmark Tower.

With over 300 years of experience, Boccia Inc. offers knowledge that will facilitate any project from planning to completion. Therefore, they have sufficient trucks, equipment and tools to support their workforce and ensure the work may proceed smoothly and quickly. That’s why, for any brick, parapet or lintel replacements, Boccia Inc. should be your first choice.

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