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Exterior Foundation Waterproofing

Exterior Foundation Waterproofing

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Exterior Foundation Waterproofing In Nassau, Suffolk & Queens

Basement foundation walls on Long Island are typically constructed of cast-in-place concrete or concrete blocks. It is the unavoidable nature of these building materials to crack, especially in our New York climate. Typically, foundation wall cracks do not compromise the structural integrity of a home. However, they are almost always vulnerable to water intrusion. That’s where foundation waterproofing comes into play.

Basement foundation wall cracks create openings into the basement that allow water to pass through. A foundation wall leak can accumulate significantly and lead to basement flooding that can ruin interiors and cause mold growth.

Foundation Waterproofing From Boccia

Boccia Inc. provides exterior foundation waterproofing systems that are unparalleled in the industry. They will excavate the exterior side of a foundation to its footing to expose the outside of the wall. This will allow them to clean and prepare the exterior side of the crack, creating a sound substrate.

Afterwards, they will trowel apply an asphaltic waterproofing mastic onto the prepared foundation wall.  They will then implant a reinforcing mesh into the waterproofing mastic and apply a second coat of mastic, which will embed the mesh and add thickness to the system.

Boccia’s Thick Waterproofing System

What sets Boccia’s foundation waterproofing system apart is their reinforcing and thickness. The Boccia waterproofing system is thicker than roller-applied coatings that are easily breakable. Just like wire in concrete, the reinforcing mesh holds the waterproofing system together, giving the foundation wall the ability to span cracks.

The final step in the Boccia’s foundation waterproofing system is the installation of a heavy gauge 60 mL thick reinforced vinyl protection barrier with a termination bar, to isolate the waterproofing membrane from the back-filled materials. This membrane is thicker than most pool membranes and adds another layer of foundation waterproofing redundancy.

Boccia Inc. has been waterproofing foundation walls since 1955. Subjected to Long Island’s worst conditions and storms, these systems have passed the most rigorous test of time. Their membranes are impenetrable to water intrusion and remain pliable to bridge cracks and defects in foundation walls.

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