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Commercial Masonry Fixes

Commercial Masonry Fixes

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Commercial Masonry Fixes For Nassau, Suffolk & Queens

commercial masonry

Many buildings today are constructed with and surrounded by cementitious materials such as brick, block, stone, concrete and stucco. Since these commercial masonry materials are regularly exposed to the elements, they are subject to deterioration. As it occurs, the building envelope can become vulnerable to weather intrusion, which may result in the presence of mold and other hazards.

These conditions are extremely important to building managers, facility managers and owners who want their properties to remain safe and secure. Boccia Inc. has become their most valuable vendor due to their superior qualifications in handling these kinds of issues. We have certified commercial masonry special inspectors on staff, possess a New York City riggers license and are Local Law 11 experts. Most importantly, the personnel at Boccia Inc. can diagnose defects and specify solutions as a design build contractor, eliminating the need to retain an architect or engineer in most cases.

Commercial Masonry Problems Fixed

Our commercial masonry services include:

Boccia Inc. services buildings throughout Nassau, Suffolk and Queens:

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