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Winter Woes…

Winter ice damage

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Winter ice damage

The wonder of the first sight of white fluffy snow covering the landscape passes quickly once it accumulates to a point where it weighs down branches onto electrical lines and causes power outages. This may start out as a nuisance and inconvenience but can quickly evolve into devastation if it is followed by a storm that saturates the ground where your sump pump sits idle because of the lack of electricity.

How Do I prevent my basement from flooding because I don’t have power?

This scenario doesn’t have to happen. There are backup pumping systems that offer redundancy to your primary pump so you are protected regardless of what’s happening outside. A DC operated secondary pump can be installed which is powered by a large capacity battery. So if the primary pump fails to operate do to electrical outage or mechanical failure the backup pump will evacuate the water until the condition is resolved, protecting you from flooding.

How do I get a backup sump pump?

Contact Boccia Inc. now to have a new backup pump installed and we will perform a free inspection of your existing pump system at no charge.
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