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Spring Time

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It’s that time of the year again when birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and there is a warmth in the air that will bring us all outside to enjoy. And it’s at this time that typically we may observe that our house and the finishings around it might not look the same. That’s because the harsh winter elements can take a toll on what was exposed outside. Snow, sleet and most importantly the temperature swings can have a great impact on our property.

For example, pavement such as walkways, driveways and patios are normally situated on the ground where water naturally exists. When the water changes from a liquid state into a solid as it does when freezing temperatures transforms water into ice expansion occurs. So the result is the heaving of the pavement upwards. It is not uncommon to see sidewalk flags have risen a few inches when the temperatures have been below freezing for a number of days. A similar phenomenon will also occur when water is trapped in masonry cracks and crevices and then turns to ice pushing apart the components. This is referred to as freeze thaw cycles.

So the stresses that winter weather can generate on the hard scape around your house can create significant damage that if left unrepaired tends to get worse over time. It is recommended to get a head start on calling an expert to discuss what repairs are required sooner than later to avoid the rush from other homeowners observing the same damage on their property.

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