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Parking Garage Waterproofing Nassau County, NY


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Parking Garage Waterproofing Nassau County, NY

When we are called out to investigate a leaking multi-level parking garage or plaza deck it is typically initiated by complaints of damage it caused to the parked cars within it. The materials the dripping water extracts from the concrete as it passes through has a tendency to play havoc on a paint job.

But in addition to this problem, there are other concerns that the leaks possess. Parking and Plaza deck construction is typically comprised of a horizontal steel reinforced concrete slab supported by steel or steel reinforced concrete beams. This system is normally bridged between vertical walls or columns and is required to support the weight of automobiles or soil overburden. Over time moisture enters into the concrete and corrodes the steel components greatly affecting the original design specification and reducing the bearing capacity of the structure. The rusting steel also has a tendency to expand which pushes apart and dislodges the surrounding concrete.


The combination of these consequences could result in falling portions of overhead spalled concrete or in worst-case scenarios catastrophic failure. Boccia Inc. is experienced in recognizing the stage at which these conditions may exist and provide recommendations to protect the structure from the potential deterioration caused by water intrusion or design a scope of work to remediate the damage that has already occurred.

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