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The pitch and elevation of the grade adjacent to the exterior of the house or building can play an important role in how the components with stand water intrusion and are allowed to dry out. It is always desirable for the terrain around the house to be pitched away from the structure and for it to be below the height of the top of the foundation wall. This will direct precipitation way from the house and permit wetted building materials to easily release moisture back into the air.

What Happens If The Grade is Pitched Toward The House?

If the grade is pitched towards the house, water will flow in the direction of the structure and increase the quantity of water that is accumulated around it. If the elevation of the soils are above the height of the top of the foundation wall water will be trapped in the organic elements of the house which will increase the potential for water intrusion and create a situation where rot and decay can occur.

How Can I Fix The Grade Around My House

Unfortunately, these two conditions can be interrelated and creating one of them can have a negative effect on the other. For example, by raising the soils around the house to pitch the water away from it you might be burying the top of the foundation wall. Or by exposing the top of the foundation you might encourage water flow towards the house. There are methods to resolve these issues that specialists have available so give them a call and ask how they can help.

Grading and Pitch Problems

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