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Risks of Cracks in brick houses and buildings

Cracks in Brick Houses and Buildings Manhasset, NY

From the fairy tale of the three little pigs, we have an image of masonry houses being invincible. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth.  Brick façades do not last forever and require maintenance.

Steel lintels which are commonly found over most windows and doors on houses and buildings will rust when exposed to weather. When steel rusts it expands many times its original size which cracks the brickwork around it. Making the situation worse, if these issues are not addressed, the rusting steel can heave and dislodge entire parapet walls on buildings and create bowed walls on houses.

It is important to address cracks in brick work and replace any elements of rusting steel lintels before conditions worsen.

Brick Cracks | Manhasset, NY | BOCCIA Inc. Waterproofing Specialists.1

Brick replacement, steel lintel replacement, and brick pointing is routinely required on brick buildings to keep them in sound and safe condition.  Boccia Inc. has been building and repairing brick buildings since the 1950’s.  They have the craftsmen to replace steel lintels with the proper flashing and weep systems, and of course replace cracked bricks and brick pointing.

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