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Condensation or Seepage

Condensation or Seepage

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Where does Condensation or Seepage come from?

We all know how important it is to keep water outside your house. But what happens when the water comes from the inside of your house? It is not unusual to find moisture on the surface of cold objects that are not actually leaking. This is a result of warm moist air coming in contact with a cold surface causing condensation to occur

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How do I know if I have Condensation or Seepage?

An ice cold beverage may leave a ring of stain on you table top if you don’t use a coaster in some cases. In worse conditions condensation can cause water to puddle on interior finishings leading to severe damage or mold. Condensation may be misdiagnosed as seepage when this happens. The effects are very similar to a leak and not easily distinguishable. A specialist would be able determine the cause.

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How do I control Condensation or Seepage?

Occupants of a house do have control over condensation from wreaking havoc. Reducing the amount of humidity in the house is sometimes as simple as installing an automatically

draining high capacity dehumidification system. This will decrease the quantity of moisture that is held in the air so less of it would come in contact with the cold surfaces. Other options that will have a positive influence on this condition would be to make sure the kitchen, bathroom and dryer vents are properly expelled to the outside of the house.

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