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HURRICANE SANDY Damage and Repairs

HURRICANE SANDY Damage and Repairs

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Anyone that had experienced the wrath of Hurricane Sandy knows that the wake of destruction that it left in its path was nothing short of devastating. The bulk of the damage occurred below grade as a result of tremendous pressures exerted against basement floors and walls that were unprecedented. The consequences of this condition were numerous including heaved basement slabs and dislodged foundations walls.

Assessing this type of structural damage and determining the method of the repairs that are necessary require a unique set of qualifications that most contractors don’t have.  Many factors must be considered including relieving future hydrostatic pressure with proper drainage systems and additional reinforcing to reduce the potential for this sort of destruction from occurring again has to be considered.

These are the exact qualifications that the personnel at Boccia Inc. brought to hundreds of devastated home and building owners after Hurricane Sandy. They have the experience and knowledge to design and perform repairs that will be more resilient to future events and have completed numerous of such projects utilizing these methods since.

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