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sump pump installation long island

A typical basement is installed in the ground. Unfortunately, in most of Nassau, Suffolk and Queens,  water is also in the ground. Being that basements are not intended, designed or built to be boats, the water that is in the ground comes into the basement. To resolve this problem, sub floor drainage systems are installed under the basement floor to remove the water before it has an opportunity to come in. An integral component of a sub floor drainage system is an automatic submersible sump pump.

In a sump pump system, water seeps into the perforations of the sub floor pipe from the ground under the basement, then flows to a pump tank, which is a prefabricated cylinder that is installed below the floor. In this sump tank, a professional grade, heavy duty, high efficiency pump is installed, which removes the water automatically.

Like the human body, the pump is the heart of the drainage system. That is why Boccia Inc. tested all the leading brands to determine which would pass their rigorous standards, with the primary objective of utilizing only the best materials available on the market. They know after installing thousands of drainage systems throughout Long island from Queens to Nassau to Suffolk that the best quality automatic submersible sump pump is the key to success. That is why their pumps include these primary features:

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Cast iron construction
  • Energy efficient motors
  • Thermal protection
  • Stainless steel shaft and fasteners
  • Sealed ball bearings
  • Smart pump controllers available

Battery Back up Sump Pump

Unfortunately, an automatic submersible sump pump is powered by electricity. So, on the rare occasions that the power may be disrupted, automatic battery operated back up pumps are available to operate the sub floor drainage system until the electricity is restored. A secondary pump that operates from direct current is installed in the sump tank with the primary pump. Attached to this secondary pump is a deep cycle battery similar in size to what’s found in an automobile and a device that operates and monitors the system while recharging the battery.

Storms in our New York climate can bring heavy winds and lightning that can knock out power.  When additional assurance is desired for protection during power outages, heavy duty battery powered backup pump systems are available in a single battery configuration or double battery high amperage recharge system for extended operation. Their features include:

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Alarm system to alert you of main pump failure or power failure
  • Multi staged battery charging system
  • Sealed maintenance free deep cycle batteries


Protect yourself from needless flooding in the event of power failure or main pump malfunction. The best drainage systems start with the best sump pumps.  Call or email us for more information. Call before the next storm to have our expert pump technicians service or replace your sump pump.