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Humidity Control

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Humidity Control

Eliminating water seepage into a basement is certainly the most important start to creating a healthy dry basement, but it doesn’t end there. Another problem that can plague the basement environment is high humidity levels. Relative humidity levels over 60% can support the proliferation of mold growth. So, controlling the level of humidity is also of great importance.

There are multiple potential sources of increased humidity in a basement, some of which are naturally occurring. In addition, the basement has a tendency to have stagnate air because of its lack of air exchange and pour circulation. So, once the humidity is introduced into the basement environment, it stays there. Therefore, the best approach to deal with excessive humidity is to remove it.

The best way to control humidity in a basement is to install a good quality, high performance dehumidifier. A dehumidifier captures the moisture that’s trapped in the air and transforms it into water. This water can then be removed easily, resulting in lower humidity levels and a drier environment.

Boccia Inc. offers a high efficiency 70-pint dehumidifier which removes up to 70 pints of moisture from the air in a 24-hour period. It is Energy Star certified which means it uses less energy than a non-accredited unit and meets strict energy efficiency guidelines. Some of its other features include:

And when professionally installed by Boccia Inc. in conjunction with a sub floor drainage system, the dehumidifier will automatically drain, eliminating the need to periodically empty it. So, you turn it on, set the desired levels on the easy to use display and let it control the basement humidity automatically with very little interaction required. It’s as simple as that to provide added protection to your loved ones using the basement, and make it more comfortable.

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