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“A lifetime of experience and knowledge that is truly priceless”



Boccia Inc. has been waterproofing basements since 1955 with experience and knowledge that is unparalleled in the industry. They are recognized by engineers, architects, building inspectors as the region’s most qualified basement waterproofing firm.

Relying on their own patented system, Boccia Inc.’s work has been time-tested by the most severe storms including Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy. The patented systems created by Boccia Inc. have been installed in miles of basements keeping thousands of houses and families dry throughout the country.

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sub-floor_drainage_01SUB-FLOOR DRAINAGE SYSTEMS

Dewater the soil below the basement.

This is the principle behind the Boccia Inc. patented Hollow Kick Molding drainage system which has eliminated thousands of flooded basements across the nation and is guaranteed for the life of the structure. Our uniquely designed drainage systems are filtered to prevent clogging and will positively last the life of the structure. Whereas other companies have created short-cuts, Boccia Inc. still provides the quality of deep installations providing dryer basements. Systems installed at or near the floor are inferior as they allow water to contact the concrete floor slab.

Boccia Inc. pioneered the concept of proper basement drainage design and continues to install the best drainage system on the market.


Boccia Inc. provides exterior foundation waterproofing systems that are unparalleled. 50 years of experience in solving the most challenging foundation conditions is testimony to a tried and true method for maximum protection against lateral water infiltration through basement foundation walls. Most other waterproofing companies will not execute the exterior method of waterproofing and the ones that do are likely to offer a thin liquid applied system. Boccia Inc. provides a 3 ply trowel grade reinforced membrane system that has set the standard for the most aggressive membrane that money can buy. While others have opted for an easier system applied by rollers or paint brushes, Boccia Inc. has maintained this standard for hand troweled applications with attention to every detail.


The wood sill plate is located at the top of the basement foundation wall. This critical junction between the concrete foundation wall and the wood framing should be perched up out of the ground (a minimum of 6″ by code). When this sill plate is below grade, water can flow over it and into the basement.

It is not uncommon for people to try to resolve water problems by “re-grading.” Though it might be comforting to think that paying the landscaper a few hundred dollars to bring some soil in and slope the dirt away from the house, it can be extremely destructive to the wood frame structure. Boccia Inc. can resolve this condition by removing the dirt that is the problem and installing proper drainage.

A Boccia Inc. proprietary Sill Plate Waterproofing System is designed to both seal and drain this location.


Basement foundation walls are typically fabricated from cementitious materials which are subject to cracking. These cracks are openings into the basement that water could pass through. Boccia Inc. utilizes the most effective epoxy and urethane products injected under pressure into and behind these cracks sealing them against any further water intrusion.


Protect your basement investment by installing a proper vapor barrier.

Before finishing your basement, you must consider a vapor barrier on the foundation walls. This often neglected feature is critical to successfully finishing the basement by providing the following:

  1. Reduces moisture vapor passing the foundation wall.
  2. Directs foundation condensation and water to the sub-floor drainage system.
  3. Isolates the foundation from interior environment.  Separates wood framing and insulation from the damp cold foundation wall.  This creates a thermal and vapor break which drastically improves the basement environment.

Many people choose to paint the basement walls when finishing their basement. This can cause trouble down the road as the paint on the concrete’s surface will trap moisture within the concrete walls. Ultimately this can lead not only to peeling paint, but also to crumbling of the wall which is the foundation of your home!

Reduce your risk of mold forming within the basement walls.

The right way to finish a basement is by mechanically installing a vinyl vapor retarder to the wall. This will reduce moisture passing through the foundation walls which can lead to mold problems.   

Too often, insulation is pressed up against a bare foundation wall leading to mold.  Our rigid foundation panels will create a physical barrier between the insulation and the damp cold foundation wall. Vapor Barriers are mechanically fastened to the inside face of the foundation wall.  Any condensation moisture is directed behind the panels to the subfloor drainage system keeping the basement dry!

Clean white finish brightens up the basement.

The panels are durable and attractive; they brighten the basement and can be left as the finish wall system.  These panels are permanently attached to the foundation. They do not support mold growth and can easily be cleaned.  Additionally, the wall panel serves as a thermal break creating as much as a 10 degree difference between the concrete wall and the surface of the finished wall panel. 

Of course, conventional sheet-rock walls can be installed in front of this vapor barrier which can be painted and decorated knowing that proper precautions were taken behind them.


Damp and dirty crawl spaces can be hazardous to your health. Unhealthy crawl space air is mixed with the air in the basement and makes its way up to higher floor levels. It is imperative that these dark crawl spaces are cleaned and kept dry. New information on when to vent has confused homeowners and contractors alike. Boccia Inc. has knowledge to properly evaluate crawl spaces and propose solutions for the various conditions that exist, and can provide proper drainage, dehumidification and a new concrete floor to rectify poor crawl space conditions. Boccia Inc. can properly disinfectant and apply anti-microbial coatings as may be required. We are uniquely qualified to clean up and dry out crawl spaces.

Suffering from Allergies, Coughing, Runny Nose, or Asthma?

    Mold lurking behind basement walls?
    Do you have a damp, smelly or moldy basement?

There may be a connection. Mold has been positively linked to these exact symptoms.


Mold can often be found in basements due to elevated levels of moisture.

The mold remediation services Boccia Inc. offers can clean your basement of mold to make it livable space again. Our Mold Remediation services utilize state of the art  Air Scrubbers, HEPA Filtration and EPA approved disinfectants.

If you’ve experienced water damage or unusual musty odor in your home or place of business, you may be at risk of mold contamination.

More than just affecting indoor air quality, molds can produce
toxins that can cause serious health risks in both humans and animals.

The quality of mold remediation service varies widely from company to company. Choosing the wrong company can lead to recurring mold growth.

It is essential to hire a certified mold remediation company to isolate and correct the problem. At Boccia Inc., we use safe and effective equipment and methods in accordance with industry standards. If you suspect that you may have a mold problem, call us today to speak with an expert, and let us give you the peace of mind that comes with a job well-done.



Is your roof water being directed into your basement?

Gutters and leaders can deluge a house’s foundation and lead to water in the basement or at minimum high levels of unhealthy humidity in the basement. Depending on soil types and topography, rain may leave your property feeling like it’s a swamp for days after it’s rained.


Boccia Inc. can install a leader system to convey this water away into properly designed drywells.

We can install leach fields to correct swampy lawn conditions, a sub-surface drainage designed to improve site conditions. Perforated leader tubing in a gravel bed allows water to drain through the grass and distributes water to a large area for better permeation, leaving your basement and lawn dry.



International Residential Code Section R310 states: Basements and every sleeping room shall have at least one operable emergency and rescue opening.

Boccia Inc. leads the way in providing emergency escape window systems and basement entrances. Constructed from galvanized steel, our egress well and frame system outperforms all other plastic molded systems for strength and durability. Choose from the standard white finish on galvanized steel or our new decorative Natural Stone finish for a beautiful look.

Let Boccia Inc. transform your basement by letting natural light and air into your living space and most importantly, protecting your family by code compliant emergency egress and rescue openings. Boccia Inc.‘s services, as always, are provided with careful attention to detail as well as unparalleled warranties for our workmanship.

New York State Requirements:

Building Code (IRC Section R310.1) mandates “basements with habitable space and every sleeping room shall have at least one openable emergency escape and rescue window.”

Boccia Inc. is an authorized distributor and installer of egress windows.

Natural light will transform the basement living space and provide fresh air source. Boccia Inc. is an authorized distributor and installer.

• White on galvanized window frame          • White vinyl insulated glass insert         • White on galvanized areawell
• Emergency escape ladder                           • Metal safety grate                              • Clear plastic cover


Replacing your rotted out basement windows with glass block windows has many benefits. These thicker windows add efficiency which reduces your heating costs. Plus they won’t rot or rust. Their opaque design allows more light in without the need for window treatments! A small vent can be left open to create basement ventilation and air changes. These windows are also said to reduce the threat of burglary.

  • Allows for continuous ventilation & air change
  • No wood for termites to invade
  • Inhibits breakage & robbery. Allows light in without need for window treatment
  • No wood to rot or steel to rust
  • Creates continuous and seamless basement wall


Like the human body, the pump is the heart of the drainage system. That is why Boccia Inc. tested all the leading brands to determine which would pass their rigorous standards, with the primary objective of utilizing only the best materials available on the market.

Pump (2)

Primary pumps feature:

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Cast iron construction
  • Energy efficient motors
  • Thermal protection
  • Stainless steel shaft and fasteners
  • Sealed ball bearings
  • Smart pump controllers available


When additional assurance is desired for protection during power outages, heavy duty battery powered backup pump systems are available in a single battery configuration or double battery high amperage recharge system for extended operation.

 Back up pumps feature:

  • Works off single or dual 12V battery in the event of power failure or main sump pump failure
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Alarm system to alert you of main pump failure or power failure
  • Multi staged battery charging system
  • Sealed maintenance free deep cycle batteries


Protect yourself from needless flooding in the event of power failure or main pump malfunction

The best drainage systems start with the best sump pumps.  Call or email us for more information.


Call before the next storm to have our expert pump technicians service or replace your sump pump.



Even after the basement flooding problems have been corrected elevated humidity levels could still wreak havoc in the basement environment promoting mold growth. Replacing the air in the basement with expensively conditioned air from other parts of the house is not the solution. Boccia Inc. Dehumidification Systems will automatically control the humidity in the basement. The systems are properly sized for the application and often do not need require maintenance or draining.


Boccia Inc. provides structural repair services of basements and crawl spaces.

If you notice that the walls of your basement are cracking, it is imperative that a professional look into the matter. These are elements that can affect the stability of your home and your safety.

Here at Boccia Inc., we have the expertise to identify building design flaws and defective details and can prescribe corrective solutions that are cost effective. We have the technical skills and experience to resolve basement structural problems.

Our affiliate engineering firm can develop engineered solutions and perform soil boring investigations as needed.

Structural Repairs Include

  • Foundation repair – Rebuild or restoration of foundations
  • Cracked Basement Walls – Foundations wall structurally repaired against movement and waterproofed
  • Horizontal foundation cracks – These cracks could be the sign of trouble and must be corrected.
  • Basement floor settlement – Settled floors restored
  • Beam repair or replacement – Main house girders assessed and restored or replaced as needed
  • Column repair or replacement – New concrete block or steel post columns installed on concrete footings
  • Termite Damage repair – Structural termite damage evaluated and structurally repaired
  • Wood decay repair – Foremost authority on surveying wood rot and decay and replacing or repairing
  • Helical pile repair – Soil problems and foundations stabilized with helical piles (piers) drilled
  • Retaining wall – Retaining wall construction and evaluation


Doing the job right through experience, quality materials, and excellent workmanship.

When you hire a company, you want to know that the job will be done right the first time.  Whether you’re looking for a company to redo your patio or build a retaining wall, Boccia Inc. has your residential masonry needs covered.  Our highly trained technicians will come out to your home, assess the job to be done, and then make the recommendations that will suit both your budget and your tastes.

Many of our employees have been with Boccia Inc. for over 20 years

Our employees are well versed in the different aspects of residential masonry.  Some of the areas that we worked extensively in are:

• Patios       • Retaining Walls       • Walkways       • Stoops      • Driveway       • Pool Areas



Provided through our affiliate engineering firm, Engineered Building Inspections, P.C

Boccia Inc. has a unique relationship with one of the area’s top professional engineering companies. Recognized as the foremost authority on waterproofing and masonry, Engineered Building Inspections P.C. (EBI, P.C.) provides design and analysis services for residential engineering, including Ground Water and Water Intrusion Diagnosis, Structural Engineering and more.

The region’s topmost authority in analyzing conditions related to water intrusion and designing comprehensive waterproof solutions.

EBI, P.C. residential engineering services include:

Forensic Engineering – Expert Testimony – Engineering Reports
Water Intrusion Surveys
Basement Water Intrusion Surveys
Structural Engineering and Design
Foundation Evaluation and Design
Stucco and Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) Moisture Intrusion Survey
Water (Moisture) Testing
Infrared Thermography Testing
Mold Testing
Site Drainage Design
Wood decay assessment


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