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Why a Sump Pump is at the Heart of Modern-Day Living Huntington, NY

Sump Pump | Huntington, NY | BOCCIA Inc. Waterproofing Specialists.1

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It would shock most people if they found out how much we rely on sump pumps in daily situations. In fact, that’s because there is water in the ground in many of our projects’ locations. So, when installing a structure, any excess water must be removed to avoid flooding—and a sump pump is how it gets done.

How Do Sump Pumps Remove Excess Water in the Ground Huntington, NY

Pull into a parking garage under an office building. It’s dry because of sump pumps. There are complete communities that exist today because of high-powered pumps relocating naturally-present water.

Sump Pump | Huntington, NY | BOCCIA Inc. Waterproofing Specialists.3

The Reliability Of Sump Pumps

If there is any question of reliability, think about a typical marina full of very expensive boats. Most are kept afloat with a sump pump automatically, dewatering their bilge.

That’s just another example of how we trust sump pumps to protect our property and make our work possible. Recent concerns over climate change are bound to increase this reliance.

Sump Pump | Huntington, NY | BOCCIA Inc. Waterproofing Specialists.2

The Importance Of Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are commonly found in basements around the world. Particularly vulnerable to water intrusion, residential basements would be wet without them.

That is why they’re considered the heart of any subfloor drainage system. They take out the water that is present under a house. That way, millions of families can enjoy added real-estate for storage and living in a dry and healthy environment.

If you have any unwanted or excess water in your residential property, considering using a sump pump to remove it.

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