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Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Crack Repair

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Foundation Crack Repair In Nassau, Suffolk And Queens

Professionals usually fabricate basement foundation walls from concrete. Most experts agree that concrete cracking is unavoidable and happens for many reasons, especially in our Long Island climate. Normally, people do not consider a foundation wall crack to be a defect. In fact, in most cases, it’s no more than a blemish. Actually, the most common problem associated with foundation wall cracks is water penetration. These cracks create openings into the basement that water can pass through. That’s why foundation crack repair is so essential for keeping water out of your basement.

In addition to exterior foundation waterproofing and sub-floor drainage systems (French drains), Boccia Inc. offers foundation crack repair services that will prevent water from passing through a wall crack. We design these systems to close the void that the crack has created, so that it’s impervious to water penetration.

Foundation Crack Repairs

The installation process of a crack injection system is as follows.

To start, we clean the area adjacent to both sides of the crack on the interior side of the foundation wall. Then, previously installed coatings and paints are removed to provide a sound substrate. Afterwards, ports are installed over the crack, spaced approximately one foot from each other with an epoxy adhesive. A two-part specifically formulated epoxy is troweled over the completely prepared area of foundation wall, bridging over the centrally-located crack.

After allowing the epoxy to set, a hose is attached to the installed ports from a pressure producing instrument into which urethane material is installed. Under pressure, professionals inject urethane through the hose, into the port, to fill the foundation wall crack from the bottom up. As the urethane material fills the crack and commences to flow from the adjacent ports, the hose is removed and the port is capped. This process is continued until all the ports are filled and completed.

We Enclose And Seal Foundation Cracks

The urethane material swells in the foundation crack repair, locking it in place. In the end, we enclose and seal the crack so that water cannot pass through it in the future.

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