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Glass Block Basement Window System in Queens and Long Island, NY

A basement window is typically made of wood, steel or vinyl with a thin pane of glass. Over time wood has a tendency to rot, steel has a tendency to rust and vinyl has a tendency to degrade, all of which eventually require maintenance or replacement. And, the pane of glass offers little security against a swift kick of a shoe and entrance of an unwanted intruder.

In addition, a function of a basement window is to provide an air exchange and fresh air into the confines of a basement. Unfortunately, people typically open basement windows rarely, if ever, because of the effort required. And, if they did, for security reasons they would not want to leave them open long enough to serve this purpose because the windows would most likely be left unattended.

Boccia Inc. offers installation of ventilated glass block basement window that resolves all of the typical problems of a standard basement window. The window is constructed with thick glass blocks which never rot, rust or degrade and never need any kind of maintenance. It is resilient enough to resist the swiftest blow of a shoe from an unwanted intruder, giving piece of mind that is priceless. In fact, the window is a masonry wall which requires no less of an effort to penetrate.

The Boccia Inc. basement window comes with a small operable screened vent that can be opened and remain open as desired without a shred of security concern. This gives it more than ample time to let in the much desired and required air exchange and fresh air to greatly improve the basement environment and make it more livable.

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