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Parking Lot And Plaza Deck

Parking Lot And Plaza Deck

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Waterproofing Parking Lot & Plaza Deck Waterproofing Restoration

Boccia Inc. is an expert in parking lot and plaza deck waterproofing & restoration. They will cost effectively waterproof your parking lot or plaza deck utilizing the best materials available.

Boccia Inc. is experienced in sandwich slab waterproofing with drainage membranes as well as urethane parking lot coating systems. Call us for assistance with your parking lot or plaza deck.

Waterproofing 100,000 sp Ft. Asphalt parking lot remove blacktop surfacing – Remove and replace structural concrete and steel beams as required – Apply waterproof membrane, protection and repave parking lot.

New structural concrete in progress.

Waterproofing The Deck
(30,000sp ft area shown of 100,000sp ft. deck).

Cleaning The Deck &
Application of Waterproofing Base Coat.

Corrugated steel on new ramp &
Concrete placement in progress.

Applying heavy duty traffic deck
waterproofing system.

Removal of Earth to explose underlying &
Waterproofin Underground garage deck.

Applying heavy duty traffic deck
waterproofing system.

Restore and build new brick entranceways
without closing the front entrance.

Detailing Around the Building


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