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Interior Vs Exterior Drain System for Foundation Waterproofing Long Island, NY


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Interior Vs Exterior Drain System for Foundation Waterproofing Long Island, NY

Are you looking into solutions for foundation waterproofing? Advancements in building technology have meant that homeowners now have various options to choose from when it comes to keeping the water out of their basements. Foundation repair contractors often use a combination of waterproofing methods in order to offer the best protection for their customers.

Drain systems are a common feature in foundation waterproofing systems. Drains are designed to collect water and guide it away from the foundation. The water may be drained into a well. When the well is full, a sump pump extracts the water and pumps it to an outside drainage system. There are also instances where the drain may be connected directly to an exterior drainage system.foundation-waterproofing-long-island-ny-boccia-inc-waterproofing-specialists-1

Interior vs exterior systems

Drain systems can be installed on the inside of the foundation (interior drain systems) or the exterior of the foundation. Interior systems are beneficial as they help to relieve hydrostatic pressure acting against the basement wall. The water drains into the exterior drain before it gets to the wall. This prevents pressure from building up and causes the foundation walls to bow.

Interior drain systems are designed to prevent flooding of the basement. The excess water collects in the drain and is guided into a well. This means that hydrostatic pressure will still continue to build against the wall to some extent. It is therefore important for the root cause of the pressure build-up to be identified and resolved. For example, if your gutters are overflowing causing water to seep into the soil near the foundation, you will need to resolve the issue to prevent hydrostatic pressure from building against your walls.foundation-waterproofing-long-island-ny-boccia-inc-waterproofing-specialists-2

Which drain system should you choose?

If you have room in your yard and don’t mind having your landscaping damaged in excavations, you can go with an exterior drain system. Installing these systems is labor-intensive too. Exterior drain systems are also a great option if you have a finished basement and don’t want to damage it.

Interior drain systems are a great option if you don’t want to damage your landscaping or do not have a lot of room to install an exterior drain system. They are also less labor-intensive and are often more affordable to install as they do not involve excavation.

Talk to a foundation waterproofing contractor to choose the best system for your home.

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