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icy parking lot

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It is common knowledge of the hazards that wet surfaces can pose when they freeze. Slipping on icy steps or walk ways can lead to anything from bruised bums to broken bones and potentially much worse. The usual response to diminish these conditions from occurring is applying a product intended to inhibit the water from freezing. It is typically applied to the surface and allowed to works its wonders.

But then after the winter is over you may notice the pavement and steps might appear a bit more weathered than they did in the previous fall. That is because the same product that you liberally applied to eliminate slipping hazards had a negative effect on the brick, stone, black top or concrete and accelerated the deterioration of these products. The most commonly observed damage that occurs after using de-icing products is spalling which is the delamination of the masonry surface.

How do I keep my pavement and stones looking new?

One must remember that when addressing an icy surface more is not always considered better. It is best to use just enough product to achieve the desired effects. Also, spreading it out evenly over the surface instead of accumulating it in small piles is always recommended. If damage does occur call a professional and ask him what type of resurfacing materials he may have to help you out or if he can replace the affected materials.

icy parking lot

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