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As the value of real-estate skyrocketed over the last few decade’s home owners looked to make the most of their properties by utilizing their basements to its fullest potential. To accomplish this they brought in wood framing, paper faced wall boards, cellulous ceiling tiles and fibrous carpeting to finish the space and make it look pretty. Then it was furnish with particle board furniture and cloth couches.

And all this was put underground.

Unfortunately, basements were not intended, designed or built to be boats. If the ground under and around them is saturated with water they will leak. In the past when there was nothing more than cement based foundation walls and floors the water in the basement posed less of a problem and could be simply mopped up every once in a while.

With the introduction of organic materials which are the components of the finishings and furniture that all changed. That is because organic material is one of the ingredients necessary to support mold growth. So now when the basement leaks, it comes in contact with the organic materials and mold flourishes.  This results in a high concentration of mold spores in the basement which leads to negative health effects.

Fortunately there are means and methods to eliminate basement leaks and maintain a dry basement. This would be the primary objective to safe guard a house against mold infestation. Then the materials that have been affected should be properly removed utilizing industry processes that assure that the spores do not gravitate to the rest of the house. When the basement is dry and mold free refinishing with mold resistant products to further protect the basement is also available. Call your waterproofing and mold remediation specialist to consult with you on how this can all be achieved in your basement.

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