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What is a Water Intrusion Survey?

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Whenever you purchase a new home, it is expected that an inspector will come and search for deficiencies such as termites, foundations problems, poor electrical wiring. You cross your fingers and wait for the “okay” so that you can sign the papers and officially begin your new life in your new home. Often the inspector finds problems and will recommend further evaluation of certain aspects of the house. He may enlist the help of specialists who are specifically trained to look at only one aspect, for example, the basement.

If water damage is suspected in a home or office building it could require a water intrusion survey, an investigation of the inside and outside of the structure to locate any problems.

Who does it: Many people turn to Boccia Waterproofing for proper consultation from waterproofing to structural issues.  The “advice” of the seasoned waterproofing experts at Boccia may actually sway someone away from moving forward with the purchase.   At least a perspective home buyer will have a better understanding of the costs involved in proper waterproofing.  Boccia Inc. has performed over 30,000 inspections on Long Island. Often they find they have been to the house has already.

It is important that the advice be unbiased and not motivated in anyway by a potential sale.  A proper water intrusion survey should not a “free sales call”, but a qualified opinion.

Is it required: A water intrusion survey is not required as part of the typical inspection process but it may be recommended by the inspector.  It is a lot more exhaustive than a regular inspection and focuses solely on water damage (though it should not be used to replace a complete home inspection either).

If the home or building you are looking to buy has evidence of water or you feel a little uneasy about cracks you noticed in the wall or a water stain by the window, you can call a qualified specialist.

What will the specialist look for: He is mainly looking for evidence of water damage as well as locating parts of the home that will be most susceptible in the future. Water damage comes in obvious forms such as stains, puddles, water marks and a musty smell. But the specialist will also examine the way foundation lies, the outside walls, and if a property grade is too high.

Water is a major concern to new home buyers.  Having it properly inspected by an expert from an experienced company such as Boccia Inc. is essential.

Vincent Boccia of Boccia Inc., a professional engineer and leading waterproofing expert serving New York, explains what a French drain is and how it can be extremely useful to your home.


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