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Foundation Wall Cracks Garden City, NY

Foundation Wall Cracks | Garden City, NY | BOCCIA Inc. Waterproofing Specialists

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Why Do I Have Cracks in My Foundation Wall

Foundation wall cracks occur for a number of reasons and can be expected to be observed in most typical basements. They are usually the result of foundation settling or shrinkage and are likely to be found in the vicinity of basement windows. Ordinarily, they wouldn’t be much larger than the thickness of a dime and always travel the complete height of the wall.

What Kind of Problems Do These Cracks Cause?

The problems associated with these cracks can be water seeping through them creating puddles on the floor and wetting interior finishings. Therefore it would be prudent to seal cracks with exterior foundation membranes or urethane injections or draining the water in the soils before it has an opportunity to become problematic.

In a few cases though cracks can be considered atypical and become a structural concern. This would usually be evident from wider voids, excessive spalling or out of plumb walls. To play it safe have your foundation crack evaluated by an expert who can determine whether the situation warrants additional structural reinforcement to safeguard against the possibility of a deteriorating condition or in worse case scenarios catastrophic failure.

Foundation Wall Cracks | Garden City, NY | BOCCIA Inc. Waterproofing Specialists

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