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Foundation Repairs

Foundation Repairs

Boccia Inc. provides foundation structural repair services across Nassau, Suffolk and Queens.

If you notice cracks in your basement foundation walls, it is important that you have a professional evaluate them. Cracks in your foundation can compromise the structural stability of your home, as well as you and your family’s safety.

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The Most Trusted Name in Foundation Repairs

Here at Boccia Inc., we have the expertise to identify defective structural building foundation wall conditions. We can also offer cost-effective foundation wall structural repairs. We have the technical skills and experience to resolve most all basement structural problems.

Our affiliate engineering firm can also develop engineered solutions and provide construction drawings as required.

Boccia’s Foundation Repair Services
Our Foundation Repair Services Include:

Foundation Repair

Rebuild, restore, or reinforce foundation walls.

Cracked Basement Walls

Foundation walls structurally repaired against movement, and waterproofed.

Horizontal Foundation Cracks In Basement Walls

These cracks could be the sign of trouble and must be corrected immediately.

Beam Repair Or Replacement

Main house girders reinforced as needed.

Column Repair Or Replacement

New steel columns installed on concrete footings.

Termite Damage Repair

Structural termite damage evaluated and structurally repaired.

Basement Floor Cracks

Basement floor cracks repaired and sealed.

Balcony Repair

Concrete balconies restored or reconstructed.

Parking Garage Repair

Parking garages evaluated and structurally restored.
For your next foundation repair project, call the experts at Boccia at 516-747-7727!

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