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BackUp Sump Pumps

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Automatic Sump Pumps And Battery-Powered Backup Sump Pump Installations In Nassau, Suffolk And Queens

A typical basement is installed in the ground. Unfortunately, in most of Nassau, Suffolk and Queens, water can also be found in the ground. Since basements aren’t intended, designed or built to be boats, the water in the ground goes into the basement. To resolve this problem, we install sub-floor drainage systems under the floor to remove the water before it enters the basement. An integral component of a sub-floor drainage system is an automatic, submersible sump pump.


Sump Pump System Installations

Here at Boccia Inc., we have the expertise to identify structural building flaws and defective conditions. We can also prescribe corrective, cost-effective solutions for a repair. Additionally, we have the technical skills and experience to resolve basement structural problems.

Our affiliate engineering firm can also develop engineered solutions and provide construction drawings as required.

Battery Backup Sump Pump

Unfortunately, electricity powers an automatic submersible sump pump. Therefore, on the rare occasion of disrupted power, automatic battery-operated backup pumps operate the subfloor drainage system until electricity restoration. We install a secondary pump that operates from a direct current in the sump tank with the primary pump. Our team also attaches a deep cycle battery to the secondary pump. It is similar in size to the ones in an automobile, as well as a device that operates and monitors the system while recharging the battery.

New York storms can bring heavy winds and lightning that knock out power. When additional assurance is desired for protection during power outages, heavy-duty, battery-powered backup pump systems are available in a single battery configuration or double battery high amperage recharge system for extended operation. Their features include:

Protect yourself from needless flooding in the event of power failure or main pump malfunction. The best drainage systems starts with the best sump pumps.

Call or email us before the next storm to have our expert pump technicians service or replace your sump pump.

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